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Pablo Percusso are Australia's foremost exponents of junk-percussion: an innovative and infectious mix of high-energy percussion, rhythm, sound collage, theatre and movement. Based in Sydney, the trio is made up of Greg Andresen, Josh Green and Ben Walsh. Inspired by the energising sounds of urban life and the limitless possibilities of discarded objects, our dynamic show is a fresh, raw, organic interpretation of the noises, rhythms and rituals that form the lifeblood of the modern city environment. Using instruments made from such objects as chemical waste barrels, ambulance hubcaps, empty beer kegs, movie reels and washing machine parts integrated with samples, sound collage and video footage, ours is an observational journey through aspects of daily city occurrence. From recreating the rhythms of trains to wreaking havoc on wheelie-bins, Pablo Percusso sculpt the discarded junk of the urban metropolis into musical expressions that acknowledge the city as a legitimate and unlimited source of inspiration.

We recently premiered our new production Industria at the 1998 Adelaide Fringe Festival. In 1996 we completed our first North American tour, playing to capacity crowds in Seattle, Vancouver and Calgary. We returned to Seattle in May 1998, once again playing to sell-out audiences. We also sold out our season at the 1996 Adelaide Fringe Festival, where we launched our debut CD Junk and directed the notorious percussion spectacular at Adelaide Festival's Red Square featuring an orchestra of wheelie-bins.

Our 4 1/2 years together has seen extensive national touring and over 300 performances. Highlights include Adelaide Festival, Canberra's National Festival of Australian Theatre, Adelaide's Take Over '97 festival, Perth's Awesome festival, Sydney Festival's Kelly's Republic, the Byron Bay Arts and Music Festival, Huntington Festival, Brisbane's Stage X, Sydney's World Drumming Day concerts, and appearances with artists as diverse as silverchair, Christine Anu and You Am I.

We've had some excellent reviews of our shows and CD (check 'em out if you like).

Future plans include a national tour of Quiver, our new collaboration with Leigh Warren & Dancers and the Australian String Quartet. This highly acclaimed production will tour nationally in October to December 1998 with Made to Move, and internationally in 1999.

If you'd like to contact us for more info, please do so. We love to recieve enquiries, feedback, criticisms, fan mail, etc. We try to respond to everything we receive.


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